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Having Fun

Sue Munroe Shots


Suzie's well trained Doggies

Kid Andersen

This guy can play a guitar!

Jammin with Rocky

Big Bro and one of his bands

Billy & Me

Best gig ever!!

Me and RWS

Terry Hiatt, Greg Jones and Peter booras

Terry Hiatt

Best picker in the Bay Area!

Grand Old Opry

Wish my Dad was here

Second Fiddle Nashville

My buddy Kirk and his friend let me sit in

Chet Atkins

My guitar hero


Dream trip with Mike, what a blast

Art and Rusty

Friends in Louisville Kentucky Now living in Florida

Heading for Nashville

2 bikes, Sprinter $130 in Diesel 24 hours to Nashville

My Winnie Bear

Best friend ever, Miss You

Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar

Nashille, Toby Keiths Drummer Joe Diiffy's KB Tanya Tuckers Bass and Guitar

The Fat Lady's Home

Best acoustic ever Thanks Bob Richards RIP

Broadway St Nashville

Dreams come true

Getting Down...

Thanks Sue Munroe For all your photos

Inside CD

Running with Scissors Band Great guys!

CD cover
Thanks Sue

Another cool shot

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