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Country singer/songwriter, Chris Bigford made Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada home for more than 30 years, working solo and with several different bands. 

Over the next few years he won numerous Manitoba Association of Country Arts (MACA) Awards including: 

2 X Song of the Year,

Songwriter of the Year, 

Band of the Year,

4 X Male Vocalist, 

2 X Entertainer of the Year

Recording Artist of the Year.  

Bigford’s Canadian releases include “Wild Ride” and “Just like You” (MACA Song of the Year winners) which spent time in the Canadian Country Top 10. 

Both songs still get airplay on Canadian radio. 


In 2012, Chris moved to San Jose, California.

As well as performing solo he hooked up with local group, Running With Scissors.

Together they recorded Chris’s first-ever full length CD, 

“Chris Bigford and The Running With Scissors Band”

The CD is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.


Chris has been performing locally in the California Bay Area for 10 years and has developed a great following.The Chris Bigford Band has been performing regularly at some of the best Clubs in the Bay Area including Saddle Rack in Fremont, 


​The Chris Bigford Band features:

Simon Govan Smith on Lead guitar and Vocals, 

Greg Jones on Bass guitar and Vocals, 

David Tucker on Drums and Vocals

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